Public talk [Let’s talk with ‘PEOPLE IN THE WORLD’]

Night Event on Friday at ‘Cu café’ in AKAGANE museum
Public talk [Let’s talk with ‘PEOPLE IN THE WORLD’]

This is a public talk with foreign people who live in Niihama city.
In December 2018, We’ll invite Mr.Stigall Michael, from U.S.A. , as our special guest.
Mr.Stigall [his grandmother was born in Osaka and moved to Seattle after the war] grew up in U.S.A. surrounded by many Japanese goods. So, he started to be interested in Japanese cultures especially in
Now, he lives in Niihama, and likes to visit ‘Japanese castles’ such as Himeji castle or Matsuyama castle.
Especially, he loves [Genzon-Tenshu-12castles].’Genzon-Tenshu’ means [These castles are being preserved without suffering damages from fires, waters, thunders, the war, or any other troubles].
Let’s talk about Japanese castles and Japanese cultures with Mr.Stigall!!

December 7th, 2018  [start at 18:30]
Cu cafe in AKAGANE museum [AKAGANE museum is near Niihama station]
[Fee etc.]
No fee, No appointment necessary
*You are supposed to order something in cafe.